What is House?

Designed for you, built by us

House is a new type of home, designed by architects and built by Urban Splash. Family living, super open-plan or cosy nooks, you get to choose how much space you want, and how you want to use it.

Space not rooms

House is all about space. Oversized doors and smart storage to create a sense of spaciousness; Generous floor to ceiling heights and picture windows to flood your home with light.

A modern House

House is precision-built to your specification in a factory, and craned into position on your street. Modern materials mean house is well-insulated and efficient to run.

A smart house

House is clever. With integrated smart technology to control heating and lighting your House is always just as you like it.

A new community

House forms smart streets of modern communities. And they are always within a good commute (sometimes a stroll) of a city centre. Register for updates to be notified when House is coming to a neighbourhood near you.

Design yours

You choose how much space you want, and how to use it, in five simple steps:

Step 1: Choose how many floors you need

Step 2: Choose upstairs or downstairs living

Step 3: Choose your floor layouts

Step 4: Choose your finishes

Step 5: Welcome to your home