House by Urban Splash wins planning permission for Cambridgeshire scheme

House by Urban Splash has secured planning permission for a 406-home scheme in Cambridgeshire that will be built using modular construction.   Yesterday, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s planning committee approved plans for the Inholm scheme, which is described as a “contemporary Fenland village”. It forms part of the wider 10,000-home Northstowe development.   Read more

Why New Islington is now the best place to live in Manchester city centre

New Islington has never looked so good.   Its growing potential seems to mirror – and in some cases, outshine – its quirky neighbours, the Northern Quarter and Ancoats, which have seen lots of redevelopment over the last 30 years.   The mix of architecture reflected resplendently in the canal has been the key to… Read More »

Modular ‘primed for significant scale’

For several years now, it has been impossible to attend any construction industry event without hearing clarion calls for modular construction. Because modular involves manufacturing large components in factory conditions, its advocates argue, homes built using the methodology can be assembled quicker and at lower cost, are of a higher quality and can boast far… Read More »