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Outlook on offsite

Outlook on offsite

Urban Splash launched its House concept in 2016, having entered into a “maiden” modular construction venture 12 years ago.   House is a customisable collection of two or three storey townhouses, now on three sites around the country. These include 70 fully sold houses at the developer’s Irwell Riverside scheme.   Read more

Return of the prefab: Could ‘flat-pack’ homes solve Manchester’s housing crisis?

Urban Splash, the Castlefield company which rose to national prominence by regenerating decaying mills, has just bought a modular construction business and attracted TV architect George Clarke, of C4’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ fame, and Noel McKee, the entrepeneur behind, as investors.   “They come on a low loader and get assembled in a single day,”… Read More »

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A new way of living

A new way of living

With a mantra of ‘space not rooms’ and a glowing reputation for delivering a new lease of life to empty mills and warehouses, Urban Splash has long held a belief that offsite construction can deliver huge value in creating a new breed of living spaces across the UK   Award-winning regeneration company Urban Splash grabbed… Read More »

The UK has a long way to go to become a leader in modular construction

Modular construction has great potential as a major UK export, according to the government’s recent industrial strategy, but the truth is there is some way to go.   Another of my favourites is Urban Splash and shedkm’s modular housing offering, which exemplifies the flexibility and personalisation that offsite construction can bring to the market.  … Read More »

Home delivery: box fresh houses from factory to site in three easy steps

A leading UK property development group has told a Dublin conference how their booming modular portfolio has been a “game changer” for the country’s housing shortage.   Speaking at the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Proptech and Smart Construction Conference last week, Urban Splash senior development manager Adam Willetts said off-site technology has allowed the… Read More »

Developer Urban Splash signs up TV architect George Clarke

Developer Urban Splash has signed up TV architect George Clarke as an investor.   The star of programmes such as Channel 4’s Restoration Man, The Great British Property Scandal and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, will bring his design skills to the Manchester-headquartered firm.   Clarke said: “I have known the talented Urban Splash team for… Read More »