Welcome to House

Designed by you, built by us

House is a new type of home, designed by award-winning architects and built by Urban Splash. Family living, super open-plan or cosy nooks, you get to choose how much space you want, and how you want to use it. Want to get started? Design yours now.

Factory built with high ceilings and oversized windows as standard, House is different from your average new-build home.

  • Life at Town House, New Islington

Space not rooms

House lets you curate your home to suit the way you want to live. It gives you the freedom to create a unique space that’s tailored precisely to your life and your priorities.

Flooded with natural light

With full height windows and doors, impressively high ceilings and plenty of storage, House helps reduce visual clutter, maximise natural light and create a sense of flow between rooms.

A modern House

House is future proof and designed to move with the times. The outside walls are the only load-bearing ones, so as your life changes you can change your House to suit it.

A smart House

Factory-built means higher standards and meticulous precision that are near impossible to match on-site. So it’s all ready to drop into place, on spec and on budget.

A new community

Urban living has always been a complicated mix of pros and cons. On the one hand you’ve got so much to do and see right on your doorstep – theatres, shops, galleries and culture; on the other you’ve the noise, the traffic, and the lack of space.

Superior sound insulation, off-road parking, private gardens and communal play areas are just a few examples of how House is as much about the life outside your door, as it is the life inside.

Design yours

You choose how much space you want, and how to use it, in five simple steps:

Step 1: Choose how many floors you need

Step 2: Choose upstairs or downstairs living

Step 3: Choose your floor layouts

Step 4: Choose your finishes

Step 5: Welcome to your home