Creating our next Houses

The fourth House site launched for sale this weekend at Port Loop in Birmingham, meaning we’re getting stuck in at our factory creating more modular homes.   It’s an exciting project for the team here, as these are the first ever homes that’ll be lived in at Port Loop site – a new neighbourhood we’re… Read More »

Resident profiles – Rebecca & Thomas, House, New Islington

They say opposites attract, and it’s true of Rebecca and Thomas, who moved into our New Islington development. She was desperate for somewhere in the city centre; he wanted outside space.   After looking for months at apartments they resigned themselves to the idea that one of them would have to compromise, until Rebecca sent… Read More »

The moment I knew modular was the way forward

Last month, we celebrated 25 years of Urban Splash; more than two decades of transforming Brownfield sites, disused buildings and unloved areas of cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Saxton, Bristol, Birmingham and Plymouth into contemporary, well-designed places, in which people can live, work and play.   The early design hallmark of our schemes was… Read More »