Resident profiles – Rebecca & Thomas, House, New Islington

They say opposites attract, and it’s true of Rebecca and Thomas, who moved into our New Islington development. She was desperate for somewhere in the city centre; he wanted outside space.   After looking for months at apartments they resigned themselves to the idea that one of them would have to compromise, until Rebecca sent… Read More »

The moment I knew modular was the way forward

Last month, we celebrated 25 years of Urban Splash; more than two decades of transforming Brownfield sites, disused buildings and unloved areas of cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Saxton, Bristol, Birmingham and Plymouth into contemporary, well-designed places, in which people can live, work and play.   The early design hallmark of our schemes was… Read More »

How can manufacturers benefit from the housebuilding revolution?

The revolution currently gripping the housebuilding industry holds great promise for manufacturers, as Nick Peters reports.   Can there ever have been an industrial sector so ripe for disruption as construction? If, in the early 21st century you were asked to come up with a model for building houses, the current one is the last… Read More »

New future for Port Loop as developers start on site to create brand new neighbourhood for Birmingham

Work has begun today on Birmingham’s most exciting new development – the transformation of Port Loop.   The urban island, encircled by the Birmingham Canal Old Line and the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line, is one of the UK’s most significant brownfield regeneration schemes.   The area will be transformed into a new family-focused waterside… Read More »

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Outlook on offsite

Outlook on offsite

Urban Splash launched its House concept in 2016, having entered into a “maiden” modular construction venture 12 years ago.   House is a customisable collection of two or three storey townhouses, now on three sites around the country. These include 70 fully sold houses at the developer’s Irwell Riverside scheme.   Read more

Return of the prefab: Could ‘flat-pack’ homes solve Manchester’s housing crisis?

Urban Splash, the Castlefield company which rose to national prominence by regenerating decaying mills, has just bought a modular construction business and attracted TV architect George Clarke, of C4’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ fame, and Noel McKee, the entrepeneur behind, as investors.   “They come on a low loader and get assembled in a single day,”… Read More »