Why New Islington is now the best place to live in Manchester city centre

New Islington has never looked so good.   Its growing potential seems to mirror – and in some cases, outshine – its quirky neighbours, the Northern Quarter and Ancoats, which have seen lots of redevelopment over the last 30 years.   The mix of architecture reflected resplendently in the canal has been the key to… Read More »

Timber…! The first Mansion House apartments are becoming a reality in Manchester

Timber fans will love the new structure that’s becoming a reality at New Islington in Manchester, as our first Mansion House apartments are being assembled on site. &bnsp; Created using super-sustainable cross-laminated timber – with every panel stamped with its own special passport number – these homes bring a whole new aesthetic to Manchester. As… Read More »

New methods of construction for a new decade; these homes are being craned into place at New Islington

Award-winning regeneration company Urban Splash has launched a brand new residential phase of New Islington in Manchester, as the first House by Urban Splash Town House homes have arrived onsite at Piercy Street.   As with all House by Urban Splash homes – they’ve been built in a factory in Alfreton in the East Midlands.… Read More »

The beauty of shared space…

All of House by Urban Splash homes come with private spaces, with terraces or gardens to call your own, but we’re increasingly adding communal garden spaces too – shared green spaces akin to those found on the continent.   We want to create well-designed neighbourhoods providing opportunities for all kinds of play, from doorstep fun… Read More »