Port Loop

A neighbourhood for 21st century living

A new adventure begins. A future neighbourhood, both liveable & loveable

An environment that helps us look after ourselves. Homes that suit our changing ways of life. A place that embraces multi–generational living.

A way of life that encourages getting outside and loves the waterside benefits. A place with lots to do in our spare time.

Port Loop, Birmingham. A neighbourhood for 21st century living. Coming soon.

The masterplan

Port Loop is a 43-acre, canal-side site in Birmingham, just 15 mins from the city centre offering 1,150 new homes, retail and leisure spaces.

With an urban island at its heart, encircled by two famous canals, the Birmingham Canal Old Line and the Birmingham Canal. The area has a rich industrial past connected with these waterways.

Places for People and Urban Splash have put a new masterplan is in place to transform this area into an exciting new community of homes & leisure facilities, to include a new swimming pool, reinvented existing historical buildings and over 1.5km of new towpaths; creating moorings, cycleways and walkways to the city, there’s even a waterbus stop!

Live at Port Loop

At Port Loop, you can choose how to design your House to suit your way of living. We also produce some special editions, that are pre-specified to a design by a leading architect and bring something extra special to the House family.

Contemporary urban homes combining natural, sustainable materials with plentiful daylight and flexible spaces all set in a waterside neighbourhood that promotes a healthy and connected community.

Island life

A manifesto for a future neighbourhood on an island in the inner city. The island is a place where rules change – where we can create our own rules, if we create the right rules people will want to live on and around the island, tell stories about the island and travel to see how we did it.

Download the Manifesto

Coming soon

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