Town House

Heaps of space and flexibility

Town House is our original House design and it’s already an award-winner. It comes in two or three storeys that you can configure to suit your way of living, super open-plan, cosy nooks and anything in between.

With full height windows and doors, impressively high ceilings and plenty of storage, House helps reduce visual clutter, maximise natural light and create a sense of flow between rooms. It turns out that old adage is true: it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it that counts.

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Choose how you want to live

First, you choose the size – 1,000 sq ft or 1,500 sq ft. Then you decide if you want your living area upstairs or downstairs (loft or garden living), and how many rooms you divide your space into. Finally, select your finishes.

Our configurator is a fun way to start the process of designing your perfect House, the way you like it. You can design and save as many options as you like until you have created the perfect House for you!

Town House build

By building each individual house in the controlled comfort of a factory, it’s allowed us to achieve a specification far higher than if it was being done on site.

Factory conditions mean controlled conditions. Controlled conditions mean higher standards, precise workmanship and no days lost to the unexpected. Every minute detail can be meticulously checked and double-checked before it’s transported to the location, and whilst we’re incredibly proud of the thousand-plus square feet in every house, it’s the millimetres that make all the difference.

Everything from the big stuff such as plumbing and windows, to the finishing touches like latches and switches, is installed under close scrutiny. So it’s all ready to drop into place, on-spec and on-budget.


House - Irwell Riverside

Irwell Riverside
Springfield Lane
M3 7JS

House - Smith's Dock

24 The Plateau
Coach Lane
Smith's Dock
North Shields
NE29 6TA

House - New Islington

2 Keepers Quay
New Islington
M4 6JL

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Designers profile - shedkm

“We believe design should enhance people’s lives. Simple as that. Whether it’s using the space inside to improve their lifestyle or helping sustain the world outside, design is not just something that looks pretty, it makes a positive impact on the world.”

Every aspect of House has been designed by an award-winning architect, from conception to completion. Find out more about shedkm, designers of Town House.

Design yours

You choose how much space you want, and how to use it, in five simple steps:

Step 1: Choose how much space you need

Step 2: Choose upstairs or downstairs living

Step 3: Choose the layout of each floor

Step 4: Choose your finishes

Step 5: Welcome to your House